A professional mistress who exclusively dates married men has revealed the reasons why men are unfaithful and how to avoid being cheated on.

Amy Kupps, 33, from , explained that she hears the same complaints from her lovers and believes there are sure-fire ways to avoid any extramarital relations.

The former teacher-turned- content creator, recommends bringing more excitement to the bedroom, whether that involves watching X-rated videos with your partner, or getting a boob job in order to fulfil their desires about how you look. 

‘Your partner is guaranteed to stay if you fulfil their sexual fantasies,’ Amy said. 

Amy Kupps, 33, (pictured) from North Carolina, who exclusively dates married men, has shared her advice for avoiding infidelity

Amy said pleasuring your partner often and bringing excitement to the bedroom can reduce the chance of them being unfaithful 

She said men love confident women, so show some butt and cleavage in public as he will likely run from a conservative plain Jane 

‘Pleasuring your partner frequently and often is key.

‘You need to watch porn together, be open to a boob job, change your hair color and wear something you don’t normally wear.

‘Be sexy in public – a man loves confidence, so show some butt and cleavage.

If you’re a conservative plain Jane, he will likely run.

‘You need to role play, get in costumes, download video porno have sex in the back of a church or [at a] concert.

‘Be risky and exciting and don’t ever be afraid to show public displays of affection.

‘Learn his fantasies and you will keep him forever.

‘Men watch porn for a reason. Being a bit like his own personal porn star will ensure he doesn’t run.’

Amy advises women to try role playing with costumes, while having sex at a concert or at the back of a church 

Amy said it’s important to have public displays of affection, take risks and be exciting 

Amy said being a man’s personal porn star and learning his fantasies will keep him from running 

Amy, who has racked up 85,000