Motor City suffered another devastating blow on Wednesday, with Stormy Daniels cancelling an appearance at a local strip club for the second time. 

Daniels had been scheduled to perform at Truth Detroit at 8pm, 10pm and midnight, but had to cancel when trouble arose with her mode of transport – a private jet.

‘Due to travel delays, I will not be arriving in Detroit in time to get the required permit so I’m disappointed to say I will not be performing tonight. I will see you soon though!’ wrote Daniels on .

This is the second time Daniels has canceled on the club, having previously pulled out just before a scheduled appearance on March 14 citing strep throat.

The was the first to report the news.  

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Let the rain fall down: Stormy Daniels (above) cancelled her appearance at a Detroit strip club after grease xxx: a parody private jet was unable to get her to the venue

Let it wash away:  ‘Due to travel delays, I will not be arriving in Detroit in time to get the required permit so I’m disappointed to say I will not be performing tonight,’ wrote Daniels

It is not all bad news for the people of however, with the club sharing a Facebook post that read: ‘Stormy will be making it rain the 18th! Next Wednesday! We apologize for the delay!!’

She will be seen before that however in Florida this weekend, just five miles from Mar-a-Lago. 

Daniels is set to appear at Ultra Palm Beach in West Palm Beach on Friday, an appearance that has not yet been cancelled at this time.

She had also been set to appear at The Red Leopard in Satellite Beach on Thursday, but that gig was cancelled earlier this week.

‘Do to unseen issues STORMY DANIELS has been cancelled full refunds at the club.. Sorry for any inconvenience …..,’ the club wrote on Facebook. 

Those who cannot make it to a club will have their chance to see Daniels in Penthouse though, as she is set to appear in the upcoming May/June issue .  

There has been a deluge of new Stormy Daniels fans over the past few weeks, and the porn star is doing her best to capitalize on the situation.

Daniels, 39, has extended her tour of local strip clubs through the end of the year, and been promoting her fan page on Twitter.

That fan page will set fans back $14.99 per month in exchange for exclusive access to videos and content that will allow them to see much, much more of Daniels. 

‘I’ve just got grease xxx: a parody new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at…,’ read the tweets posted on Daniels’s timeline ever few hours.

The link then takes interested parties to the fan page, which shows Daniels laying on her stomach while wearing nothing but a thong and heels in one photo.

The other photo is a head shot that shows Daniels completely nude and holding her breasts in her hands.

‘Wicked Pictures XXX contract star, writer/director, feature dancer, Penthouse Pet & attempted equestrian extraordinaire,’ reads Daniels’ bio on the page.

Her hometown meanwhile is listed as Dallas and ‘hotels everywhere.’

Her country-wide tour of strip clubs meanwhile is due to stop in Nashville next weekend before heading to Palm Beach in April.

She will continue to travel almost every weekend until mid-November, when she is due to appear in South Carolina.

This added boost to her popularity is all thanks to President Trump, something that Daniels herself acknowledged on 60 Minutes.

This all comes seven years after Daniels said she was threatened by a man to keep silent about her alleged sexual encounter.

The porn star claimed that she was approached by an unidentified man in Las Vegas and told to remain quiet about her alleged relationship with Trump, an incident that she said happened while she was with her young daughter.

She said in the interview that she had one encounter of consensual sex with the future president.

‘He knows I’m telling the truth,’ said Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford.

She did not allege however that she was coerced into the encounter with the real estate scion, saying, ‘This is not a Me too. I was not a victim.’

Want to feel the thunder: It is the second time she has cancelled on the club, citing strep throat as her reason back in March

Fell the wind: Daniels will be returning to Detroit next week according to the club 

Coming clean: She also cancelled a planned appearance at a Florida strip club on Thursday

The adult film serial actress xxx hd provided little new evidence of her alleged 2006 affair with Trump but said she faced intimidation tactics aimed at ensuring her silence in 2011.

Daniels said that in the incident, in a parking lot, the man told her: ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.’

She claimed he then looked at her daughter and added: ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’

Daniels received a $130,000 payment days before the 2016 presidential election for her silence and has sought to invalidate that agreement in recent weeks.

Back to the beginning: Daniels and President Trump back in 2006 (above) 

The White House did not immediately comment on the interview, though Trump, has denied the allegations mutliple times in the past through spokespeople and lawyers including Cohen, who claims that he paid the $130,000 out of his pocket.

He has also stated that neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Daniels and he was not reimbursed for the payment.

Avenatti provided evidence to 60 Minutes however that showed documents with Cohen using his Trump Organization email address in setting up the paymen.

There was also evidence that the nondisclosure agreement was sent by FedEx to Cohen at his Trump Organization office in Trump Tower.

In the interview, Daniels described a sexual encounter with Trump that began with him talking about himself and showing her an issue of a magazine with his picture on the cover.

She then asked: ‘Does this normally work for you?’

That threw Trump off guard she claimed, going on to explain: ‘And I was like, “Someone should take that magazine and spank you with it.”‘

Daniels then ordered Trump to drop his pants and ‘gave him a couple swats’ in playful manner she said to Cooper.

She said they talked some more after that and that she became more comfortable when he stopped speaking about himself.

‘He was like, “Wow, you – you are special. You remind me of my daughter.” You know – he was like, “You’re smart and beautiful, and a woman to be reckoned with, and I like you. I like you,”‘ said Daniels.

The pair had dinner in Trump’s room she said and then had sex.

He didn’t use a condom, she said, and she didn’t ask him to. Afterward, he asked to see her again, she said.

Daniels said that before they had sex Trump had broached the idea of her being a contestant on The Apprentice, and she likened it to a ‘business opportunity. If you have any sort of questions pertaining to where and how you can use xxx porn full movie online, you could contact us at our internet site. ‘

After the alleged tryst she said he called her several times and would ask if they could get together again and would claim that he had an update for her about the Apprentice.

She said she felt that he was holding out the opportunity to keep her coming back.

‘Of course. I mean, I’m not blind. But at the same time, maybe it’ll work out, you know?’ said Daniels.

Wanna scream: Daniels sitting down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes earlier this year (above)

In July 2007, a year after they had met, Daniels said Trump asked to meet with her privately at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. She said they did not have sex, but he wanted to.

Daniels reported that Trump called her the following month to say he had not been able to get her a spot on his TV show. She said they never met again.

When asked why she was deciding to speak now, Daniels said: ‘Because it was very important to me to be able to defend myself.’

She said she was not all that bothered by what other people thought of her, but had a big issuer with being portrayed as someone who did not tell the truth.

‘I’m not OK with being made out to be a liar, or people thinking that I did this for money and people are like, “Oh, you’re an opportunist. You’re taking advantage of this,”‘ said Daniels.

‘Yes, I’m getting more job offers now, but tell me one person who would turn down a job offer making more than they’ve been making, doing the same thing that they’ve always done?’

Cooper noted during the interview that Melania Trump had given birth just a few months before the alleged encounter between the two.

‘Did he mention his wife or child at all in this?’ asked Cooper.

‘I asked. And he brushed it aside, said, “Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don’t worry about that. We don’t even, we have separate rooms and stuff,” said Daniels.

Just a few days prior, former Playboy model Karen McDougal told Cooper in a CNN interview that her affair with Trump began at a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2006. McDougal said she ended the relationship in 2007 out of guilt.

McDougal has filed suit in Los Angeles seeking to invalidate a confidentiality agreement with American Media Inc., the company that owns the supermarket tabloid National Enquirer. It paid her $150,000 during the 2016 presidential election.

The lawsuit alleges that McDougal was paid for the rights to her story of an affair, but the story never ran. It also alleges that Cohen was secretly involved in her discussions with American Media.

Trump is also facing a New York defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on The Apprentice.

Zervos has accused Trump of unwanted sexual contact in 2007 after she had appeared on the show with him, and sued after he dismissed the claims as made up.

A judge ruled the lawsuit can move forward while the president is in office.